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      Yonghua: [memory] wish time goes slowly


       Time is a never-ending train

      the pace of progress will lead us all the way forward

      Looking back on Yonghua's 2018

      we can say with pride: 

       "in 2018, we are very substantial!"

      This year, we walked together



      New projects

      Meet, is a beautiful little thing

      At the moment of seeing "it", I recognized it at a glance

      It's what you want

      Confirmed the eyes, met the right it

      In 2018, focus on excellence and shape the future

      Yonghua carefully creates three new products!



      YE230W/640V type all electric plastic injection molding machine

      Application area:medical treatment, packaging

      advantageenergy saving, environmental protection, fast and efficient



      YE60W/80V type all electric plastic injection molding machine

      Application areaPrecision electronic products

      advantage:Environmental protection, low noise, accurate measurement, high quality repetition accuracy



      YH358SP(800SP)Thin wall plastic injection molding machine for fast food box

      Application areaPackage, lunch box

      advantage:Double servo, more stable and more reliable

      New image


      Built with ingenuity, with perseverance

      The past year

      Ningbo Chinese join hands

      Every exhibition I've experienced

      Are constantly breaking through and innovating

      In the field of plastic machinery, we firmly move forward!




      CHINAPLAS 2018

      2018.04.24-27,Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. brought E230w high-speed all electric injection molding machine,YE190w high-speed all electric injection molding machine, YE150w high-speed all electric injection molding machine appeared in Chinaplas 2018, and received extensive attention from customers at home and abroad!



      China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition

      2018.09.19 Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. will bring YH428SP servo energy-saving thin-wall high-speed machine and YE190W high-speed all electric injection molding machine to appear at China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industrial Materials Exhibition.



      2018 China International Plastics Exhibition

      2018.10.28 Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated in the 2018 China International Plastics Exhibition with YE230W high speed all electric injection molding machine.

      New honor

      For Yonghua plastic machinery

      This year is as wonderful as ever

      Many achievements have been made in the work

      While striving for innovation, Yonghua

      In many ways, we have also gained honor and affirmation



      In January 2002, it was awarded the honorary title of "abiding by contract and Valuing Credit" in Zhejiang Province, which has been extended to this day


      Top 30 comprehensive strength of China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry

      Top 15 enterprises in plastic injection molding machine industry


      Top 10 enterprises with comprehensive strength in Ningbo Plastic Machinery Manufacturing in 2017


                                              Poetry and distance

      Life may be in a hurry in 2018

      This year, there are many happy and sad, we go through together

      In the pursuit of the ideal

      "Come on"

      Are the best proof of our efforts

      And we never stop in the ordinary everyday

      Looking for "poetry and distance"



      International Working Women's Day

      2018.03.04,On the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the international women's day, the party, government and work organizations of the company organized sightseeing activities for all female employees. On Sunday, March 4, 2018, 36 female workers left the enterprise and came to Cicheng, about 30 kilometers west of Ningbo.



      Simulated emergency drill

      2018.05.03 12:30,Special time was taken out to organize the whole plant emergency dredging drill.



      Staff travel

      2018.10.24-28,Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. all staff Zhangjiajie, Phoenix five day tour!


      Always sigh at the end of the year

      Time, if Baiju's gap

      All of a sudden

      2018 is over

      Thank you for your recognition

      Thank you for your support

      Thank you all for your dream

      2019 is in a flash

      Have vision, dream, set off again