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      In September, I'll be waiting for you in the mountain city of Chongqing~

      Cmi-plas2018, China (Chongqing) International Plastic Industrial Materials Exhibition will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 19 to 21, 2018.


      China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition cmi-plas2018 will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 19 to 21, 2018.At that time, Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. will bring yh428sp servo energy-saving thin-walled high-speed machine and ye190w high-speed all electric injection molding machine to the exhibition.

      Booth No:N4-E02


      Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. will display a variety of equipment solutions for high-speed thin-walled, medical, optical and other fields. The company is located in the East China Sea, is located in the East China Sea - Ningbo, was founded in 1985, is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine manufacturers. Adhering to the development concept of "integrity, win-win and long-term survival", Ningbo general plastic machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only integrates the world's advanced science and technology into the innovation elements, but also promotes the plastic machine products with unique Chinese innovative technology to the world.

      YH428SP Servo energy saving thin wall high speed machine



      The first mock exam of the YH428SP servo energy saving thin-walled high-speed machine is a special machine launched by General Company for packaging industry. The collocation machine will be equipped with servo high-speed manipulator, a six point hot runner mold, and produce thin wall lunch boxes. Yh428sp high-speed thin-wall special machine improves the design platform comprehensively. The whole machine adopts the rapid design concept and high rigidity mechanical design to meet the stability requirements of rapid mechanical movement for the equipment. It is equipped with one-line single cylinder injection, which has fast response speed and high precision, eliminates the imbalance phenomenon of double cylinder injection, and reduces the fracture of injection piston rod and screw bending. Low resistance linear guide rail, accurate positioning, fast response, special oil circuit design, mold opening and closing efficiency is more than double that of conventional machine. High performance low inertia servo hydraulic drive and nitrogen assisted injection system is adopted to achieve higher firing speed in a shorter time and the best firing speed within 30 ms. the injection acceleration and mechanical movement speed are greatly increased, making the production cycle faster Infrared induction barrel heating device, lower energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The maximum injection speed is more than 500mm / s, the response time is greatly shortened, the internal stress and deformation of the product are low, and the weight of the product can be reduced. Optional configuration of high-performance servo motor synchronous control pre molding action, not only to meet the needs of various container packaging professional customers, but also for customers to improve production efficiency and save costs.

      This series of injection molding machine is mainly used for processing: snack box, yogurt box, ice cream box, PS aviation Cup, disposable tableware, bottle cap and other thin-walled molding products.

       YE190W High speed all electric injection molding machine


       Ye190w high-speed all electric injection molding machine is a special machine for medical, electronic, optical and other industries. It will cooperate with the manipulator to demonstrate the production of energy-saving lampshade at the exhibition site. Ye series full motor is a new product successfully developed by the R & D team of general plastic machinery Co., Ltd. for more than two years with more than 20 years of full motor manufacturing experience and domestic market demand Driven by high-speed servo motor with high load ball screw, wide range template combined with solid mold locking device, it realizes high-speed cycle molding, modular design and multiple combination injection parts selection, and many technologies have won national patents. All electric injection molding machine is the preferred solution for precision plastic parts. 05 mm, injection speed 350 mm / s and injection position repetition accuracy 0. 01 mm. Ye series machines can meet the requirements of faster, higher precision and higher flexibility, thus greatly improving productivity and reducing costs. With its excellent performance, ye series all motor injection molding machine can be widely used in the production and manufacturing of IT industry, optical products, medical industry, precision parts and other products, such as medical devices, optical lenses, light guide plates, precision gears, CD ROMs, it products, etc.